A Light at the End of The Tunnel for China & COVID-19

China has officially raised restrictions by the government giving them a head start towards the production line meanwhile the United States and Italy, including other countries world-wide go through the changes of restrictive living limiting the ability to produce. China has been the focal point of the virus since original outbreak in December of 2019.

However, with the virus reaching its peak and in steady decline, the country is now back to business as stores and workers are back to work. The country suffered drastic loss in production and border restrictions during the course of the epidemic. In some ways, they are still having economic difficulty due to the border restrictions internally and internationally. Internally the country may be getting back on course, but externally, the world is not yet up to speed as countries like the United States brace for the worst.

95% off all large enterprises in China have resumed productivity and are trying to catch up to the economy as their businesses were halted during this period. The Information Technology field as many thought would be immune, has suffered globally during this period and continues to suffer. Without clients that are willing to release the hold on finances during this period, it is hard for any industry to be resilient to this period. Grocery stores are overwhelmed with keeping stocks on the shelf as mass panic keeps the shelves emptied weekly and stocked daily. The cleaning and grocery industry are survivors during this world-wide struggle and will come out profitable. 

Information technology is said to have hit the pause button as no production outlets are there to allow ideas to be launched and most technology experts are currently siloed around the world. The beauty of technology is even though many are siloed, technological advancement is still taking place right under our noses. Researchers and developers are still connecting virtually via platforms such as Microsoft Teams which allow for streaming video conferencing and collaborative features for document sharing that place everyone in a virtual conference room with Realtime input.  As the world gears up to go through the worst of the virus, the Information Technology realm is steady building and developing in the background preparing to hit the ground running.

Microsoft is one of the greatest technological leaders in the world. They have been ramping up business as many industry leaders which are on-premise only rapidly go towards the cloud platform. Microsoft data centers which are some of the most secure in the world are the key access points for housing data, and they have a 99.99 percent up time with a plethora of redundancy. One thing is for sure is that the world will never be the same after this pandemic pass. However, the world will continue just as China has. The world will follow suit and get back on the tracks as we have done in the past.