Stop the Insanity of Spending Capital on Hardware Refreshes!

EinsteinI am sure that most business professionals have heard the quote, “the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.” However, like me I am confident that if I asked you’d be surprised to learn that Albert Einstein was the one behind this insightful quote.

Find out why cloud computing makes spending money on hardware refreshes a business insanity!

Why What Seems Normal is Insanity?

Your trusted IT professional announces that your servers have run their course and it’s now time for a hardware refresh. It probably seems like yesterday when you pulled out that hard fought for capital and spent it on IT hardware, and now you’re going through the process all over again.

You know there is no way around this as you don’t want the business interruptions that the aging servers are going to cause; but there are times when you’ve had passing thoughts about spending that $30k on something for your business or even taking a distribution for a family vacation.

Is there a way around this huge business expense? Yes! This is where the cloud turns everything upside down and makes this expense TOTALLY INSANE!

Cloud Computing Changes Everything

One of the basic benefits of moving your business into the cloud environment is that you will no longer need to buy servers or the software license to run the servers ever again! Your servers will now reside virtually on a massive redundant servers in a secure data center that you can now access from anywhere and from any device.

Your system will basically remain the same except for having to log into to cloud desktop but all the rest of the functionality will remain the same. You will not have to spend so much on desktop refreshes either, as the ‘new’ cloud moves all the desktops into the secure, redundant data center as well so the major computing power will be done in the cloud instead of on the physical desktop.

About the Author

Paul-Torretti-218x300Paul M Torretti is the President and CEO of MCORE, an IT provider in Houston, TX. He has been in the information technology field for over 30 years. Paul has specialized in channel development, managed services and cloud computing. His focus for the last last 10 years has been developing and leading the MCORE team.