Jonathan Sprinkles Pulls Back the Curtains on Public Speaking

crowd sitting listening

I had the privilege of attending the Presentation Power event presented by Jonathan Sprinkles a few weeks ago.

This was a transformative meeting because Jonathan was willing to pull back the curtains on his public speaking experience and open it up to the audience.

Read more to see why all the attendees left feeling inspired and ready to take on the world!

My First Impression

I had witnessed Jonathan’s key note presentation in San Antonio where he had the music pumping and then comes from the back of the room waving his hands in the air. He immediately takes control of the room by getting the audience to interact and repeat his positive message.

It was obvious to me from the start that Jonathan was a master of communicating from the platform but everything he was doing was going so fast it was hard for me to see all the intricate techniques he was using. However, what pulled me into paying to see his four day training was when he got a random person to come on stage to get a 15 min training.

Once the random person was selected he asked him to give an elevator pitch about his company’s services. Right away the audience reaction revealed this guy was extremely nervous and not communicating very well at all. However, Jonathan suddenly pulls him back and coaches him for a few minutes and then asks to redo his presentation again.

Suddenly this nervous guy was transformed into a much better speaker who was now ‘connecting’ with his audience much better.

Pulling Back the Curtains

When I first arrived in Houston at the four day training event I was just a little confused about how Jonathan was going to be training us to present exactly like he does. However, I was completely stunned to see that Jonathan was redoing the same presentation he had performed in San Antonio. Suddenly he stopped and then started asking questions about the techniques he was using to see if anybody knew.

This is when he started lecturing about why he walked a certain way or repeated his name etc… It was then that I realized he was literally pulling back the curtains on is presentation secrets and explaining them for those who were prepared to learn. It was impossible to retain all the wisdom that I was exposed to over the course of the four days. Not to mention the fact that many got special one-on-one training with Jonathan and everyone had a chance to get on stage and practice what they were learning in real time.

Many of the people who attended may have been there to improve their elevator pitch at networking events or some other small speaking accomplishment. However, I know first hand that many left inspired to become an author because I have actually written 2 chapters of book.

So if you want to become taught and motivated to reach bigger goals in the public speaking world then you have to attend the next Presentation Power coming soon this summer in Houston.