Save Time With These 5 Smartphone Apps

Your business keeps you busy. You’re juggling three projects simultaneously for your employer. You are traveling more often than you are at home, and your day planner is covered in ink. You need smartphone apps that can make your life easier, not complicate it. Luckily, there is a host of smartphone applications out there created precisely to simplify life for the busiest of business professionals. Listed here are five of the top ones to explore.

Top 5 Business Apps

  1. WhosHere: This app enables you to find freelance contractors in your area easily. Say you need to finish a project due tomorrow in Chicago and you are flying today. You can search for freelancers with the app and then send a free text or call to the individuals who reply to your search.
  2. Locale: It is embarrassing when your phone goes off in the middle of a movie, but what about in the middle of a board meeting? This never needs to happen again if you use Locale. It permits you to choose specific phone settings determined by location. So when you enter your office or the library your phone automatically goes to vibrate.
  3. WaveSecure: One of the potential risks of traveling regularly is the possibility of loosing your phone. This app will let you lock your phone and backup the information stored on it remotely, as well as track its location through the SIM card. Talk about peace of mind.
  4. Bump: Bump is a wonderful little app. It permits you to exchange contact information with fellow professionals by simply tapping that person’s phone with yours.
  5. Scan2PDF Mobile: This app lets you scan reports, receipts, or other documents on the go using your smartphone’s camera. Then you’re able to turn them into color PDFs and email them to your computer’s desktop.