Disk Space Fan 4 Released

Version 4 of the Windows file utility Disk Space Fan was released recently. Disk Space Fan 4 is software that analyzes your file system with all of it’s folders and files and displays them in a multi-color ‘ringchart’, making it easy to navigate and locate large files.

Visualizing your hard drive’s contents like this can be very helpful when searching through the thousands of folders in the average Windows file system. File details are shown when you hover your mouse over them. Disk Space Fan also integrates with Windows, so you can bring up its disk display from any folder.

The free version lets you browse your file system and scan for large files. The premium version adds the ability to delete files directly from the program, and also features a duplicate file search with a variety of file filters.

Disk Space Fan 4 is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Find out more at the Disk Space Fan website.