Protect Your Data by Being Aware of Security Challenges

Technology is ever changing, and cyber-criminals will be ever adjusting to it. Recently, MIT’s Technology Review published an article regarding technology security threats that we must be aware if in 2012. As many of us spend a substantial amount of time online, being aware of these threats can help guard vital data.

Stolen, Spoofed Certificates

One significant problem the article focuses on is stole or faked certificates. Certificates are utilized by websites that you log into, like your bank, that prove the site can be trusted. In 2011 the faking of these was a frequent strategy employed by cyber-criminals and it is thought to be a continuing problem in 2012.

A Common Security Mechanism in Trouble?

The use of certificates as a security mechanism is the most typical method used currently. If the trustworthiness of these are put into question then that can spell trouble for all computer users including large companies who are in charge of protecting sensitive data.

Technology Review also pointed to online attacks referred to as “hacktivism” as a key security challenge for this year. Organizations such as Anonymous and LulzSec crack passwords and break into company sites. Frequently, these groups do so to demonstrate that companies are woefully unprepared to address hackers. Sometimes, they target companies or organizations that they think are guilty of wrongdoing. No matter the motivation, anticipate these groups to continue their so-called hacktivism in 2012 and beyond.

Home Automation

In 2012 yet another security risk is the rising popularity of home automation. People connect alarm systems, lights, even locks, to the web to automate their homes. If trustworthy companies are not used or if hackers get into these systems think of the damage that can be done.