Wireless Credit Card Processing

New wireless credit card processing devices and services are making it easier for mobile businesses to quickly accept payments. Mobile payment terminals are becoming more common, and the number of available devices and services available can make a decision difficult.

Credit card processing is available through a wide variety of devices, including smart-phones, laptops and tablet PCs. Some important considerations when considering the available options include:

  • Where will the transactions take place?
  • How many transactions are anticipated per day, week, or month?
  • Is there an power receptacle available nearby?
  • Will printed receipts be needed?
  • Can the device store transactions for later processing in case the wireless signal is lost?

You will also want to choose a merchant provider that is familiar with the wireless processing technologies so that they can provide support when and if you experience technical difficulties. Also check the rates carefully, as many processors add on many hidden fees and surcharges.

Mobile credit card processing is here to stay, so shop wisely when choosing  the right device and processor.