Free Marketing Tips for Any Business

Businesses of all sizes are working on tight marketing budgets.  But there are several free marketing ideas any business can utilize to increase profits.

1. Your current clients.  Do your current clients have a good understanding of all the services you offer?  The answer is likely no.  On the average, you can increase 10% to 20% more sales from your current loyal customers if they knew more about it.

2. Business Networking. A quick online search or call to your local chamber of commerce will likely give you a list of several local business networking groups and meetings in your area.  For the price of a lunch once a month and an hour of your time, you can spread the word about your businesses to other business people.  If you already are a chamber of commerce member in your area, take advantage of all their social and networking opportunities.

3. Keep in touch with your clients.  This can come as a quick phone call. A little bit of follow up after a sale can go a long way in building customer loyalty.  After a sale or service, contact your customer and asked if everything went ok on their last order or service.  Once they are on the phone and all went well, bring up a specific item or service that they might find useful.

4. Newspaper and magazine editorials.  Writing an informative editorial can add credibility to your company.  There are several online articles on how to write one without being a sales pitch.  Just remember the purpose is not to let everyone know about your current sale, but rather to give helpful information about your area of expertise.

5. Social networks.  Get your business on Facebook and any other applicable social media site.  It is free and you might be surprised at how quickly you get your customers to start following you on these sites.  It is a quick way for you to post specials or even fun little facts related to your business on a regular basis.