Business Credit Cards Without a Personal Guarantee

Yes, you you can get business credit cards without a personal guarantee. So where do you start?

First, you must form your business into a corporation or LLC and completely keep your personal financing separate from your business financing.

Apply for an EIN for your business and open up a business bank account in the legal name of your business.

Once those things are done you are ready to begin to get business credit without personal guarantee. Start with trade suppliers like your local print shop or office supply to begin building your business credit.

Ask if they report to any credit bureaus. If they don’t, ask that they look into doing so. It does not cost them anything to report.

Then make sure your business is listed with all 3 business credit agencies (EquiFax, Dun & Bradstreet and Experian). Once this is done you are ready to search for business credit cards and you will need three. It is important that you apply for business credit cards and insure it is not tied into your personal credit at all.

This will not happen overnight. Do not rush this process and do not try to skip steps.