Business Cards: Tips for How to Use Them Effectively

Getting business cards printed is one of the first things business owners do. We all have a box of business cards, but are we using them effectively? Business cards can be very powerful networking tools for your business.

Here are some tips to help you get the most of your business cards:

1) Carry your business cards with you.
I know, seems obvious, but really, you need to have your card with you at all time. Even a quick run to the store, can be an opportunity to network.

2) Have good branding on your card.
Include a logo, picture or graphic image that you will use consistently on all of your marketing materials.

3) Hand your cards to everyone.
Business cards are not that expensive, do not horde them. Give them out generously, even two at a time.

4) Asking for referrals.
Nothing wrong with asking people to refer business to you. Ask them to do you a favor and hand them a few cards.

5) Brand yourself with a slogan. Use the slogan on your business cards, website, and any correspondence.

6) Insert your cards in all mailings. Keep a stack of cards handy and insert them in everything you mail. This includes putting a card in the envelope even when you are paying your bills.

7) Place your card on every bulletin board. This highlights the importance of your business branding and logo.  A well designed card with your logo will stand out over the others.

8) Use them as scrap paper. Instead of a napkin, use the back of your business card to write in your cell phone number. “This is my direct line,” you might say, making the prospect feel important and giving him or her a reason to keep your card.

9) Use your card as an appointment card.
On the back side of your card leave room to fill in the date and time of your customer’s next appointment. You could also print a map of your location on the back or directions on how to reach your store or office.

10) Give every employee their own card.
For the small investment of giving each employee their own personal business cards you can reap large rewards. Encourage them to leave their cards freely.