Things to Avoid When Writing a Virtual Press Release

newsboyPress releases are a valuable tool for any small business.  If you already have a client email list it is free advertising.  In addition there are several online press release sites available for posting.

Here are a few quick tips and things to avoid when writing and posting your press release.

1. A fake or unbelievable subject line.
When you email a press release to your clients the subject is going to grab their attention and general decide if they read it or sent it to the trash folder.  If you use a subject line that is unbelievable or is not clear, it is going to get passed and thought of as spam.

2. A boring subject line.
Don’t send an email with the words ‘for immediate release’ in the subject line.  It gives the feeling that it is going to be a long boring press release that people do not want to read.

3. Avoid looking like a money opportunity scam.
Putting repeating dollar signs and exclamation marks screams spam. $$$$!!!!. Really, are you going read something like that? Most spam filters will block it from your reader even getting a chance to see it.

4. Don’t spam.
Sending your press release to your customer email list is a good move, but sending it to ten thousand strangers is going to get you in trouble.  You can send your press release to a some website and news editors that are appropriate for the topic.  But mass mailing it to too many can get you on a spam list and cause all of the email you send to get moved to spam folders.

5. Attachments.
Don’t be tempted to put an attachment in a press release email.   Remember the purpose of your press release it to get it read by the person you sent it to.  Attaching the press release to the email causes too great of a barrier for someone to read it.  Furthermore, most people are on auto-pilot and send emails from people they not know directly into the trash folder.