Print Postage in the Office

Youth SwimmingShipping with the US Postal Office is a very economical choice for businesses.  The rates are very good and the service is reliable.  But standing in line at the post office with your packages is very time consuming.

Anything that can help save time is worth looking into.  Printing postage in your office can save countless hours each year waiting from waiting in line at the post office. For years has been offering a very easy solution. allows users to quickly print postage for envelopes, packages, priority mail, express mail, as well as Canadian postage.

The features we like most are the simple options to send an email to the recipient with the shipping label details automatically.  It also allows you to set up options to email you once a package has been delivered.

You can quickly search through all the postage you have printed if you need to find a specific package addressed to someone.  Allowing numerous search options. You can search via zip code, first or last name, any part of the address, city, or state.

The interface is easy to use.  Simply download the small application and setup your user name and password.  Setup your standard options, buy postage, the print.  Couldn’t be simpler.

Currently is giving a special offer to new clients. You receive a digital scale to weight packages and $45 in postage. Use promo code ‘C-55RN-NJP’ during registration to receive this offer.