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Businesses Can Now Legally Charge Consumers for Credit Card Fees.

A class-action settlement reached in July 2012 will now allow retailers to charge their customers more for paying with a credit or debit card. Prior to this settlement credit card companies banned retailers to charge any extra fee for customers choosing to pay with a credit card, actually disallowing the practice in retailers service agreements with the credit card company. This settlement is the culmination of a lawsuit started on behalf of about seven million merchants in 2005. [Read more »]

Online Sellers Are Expected to be Under IRS Scrutiny This Year.

Starting with the 2011 tax year, all payment providers were to issue the 1099-K forms to businesses and to the IRS. The 1099-K forms indicated gross sales processed through the payment provider.

Under this new IRS rule online electronic payment processors (such as PayPal & Amazon) as well as any credit card provider were required to submit a 1099-K for every seller that processed more than 200 transaction in a year and totaled at least $20,000.

With the 2012 tax year being the second year of the new tax law taking affect, the IRS is expected to look very closely as online sellers of all sizes for any discrepancies in gross sales figures. [Read more »]

How to Maintain and Increase Your Business Credit Score

Small business owners have many aspects of their business to oversee and manage every day. Many ignore or don’t think about their business credit score, making the mistake of thinking it is not important. In reality your business credit score is a vital part of your business success and ability to expand your business down the road.

This is the perfect time to focus on your business credit score as the economy starts to recover. Banks are starting to ease on making small business loans and consumers are starting to spend more money.

The first thing you need to do is to check what your business credit report. Make it a habit to check it once or twice a year. You should schedule this, just as you would schedule your taxes and other business reports. [Read more »]

New Debt Refinance Program – Is It Good Enough for Small Businesses?

The economy is still in constraint and the CPA firms are supposed to go through a flat season throughout 2012. There aren’t going to be any positive or negative outlook for the majority of the firms, as per reports. But, the question is what after this? What about the debts that these small businesses may have incurred till now. Paying off the debts incurred is perhaps the toughest part for one and all – may it be a person or a small business. However, the only good news for the small business owners is that the SBA 504 debt refinance rules have been revised, thereby making the refinance process easier for the businesses and the firms. [Read more »]

How does the New Mobile and Tablet Interface Affect Your Business’s Online Sales?

If you haven’t been keeping up with cell phone credit card processing and current merchant account news relative to mobile and tablet shopping, it’s all good. Even before the December rush of tablet giving, the Wall Street Journal published findings in September 2011 indicating that consumers who browse web stores via their tablets are more likely to make a purchase than other online shoppers.

Global shipments of tablets jumped to 26.8 million units in 4Q 2011, which means for the year, 66.9 million tablets were sold. That’s an increase of 260 percent over 2010. Still, tablets do represent a fairly small percentage of online browsing, but it’s not their numbers that are putting tablets in the headlines of merchant account news circles, but rather the conversion rate they return when used for web shopping. [Read more »]

The Drawbacks of a Growing Business: Things to Prepare for as Your Business Grows

Large businesses have more complicated systems of functioning than smaller ones, so the process of growing is riskier. As an establishment grows, managers could lose a significant amount of control as they try to deal with the larger number of issues. Many companies set up detailed growth-control plans in order to deal with this troublesome situation.  [Read more »]

Should Your Business Choose A Tablet Computer?

Most business people want to give the impression that they are up to date with everything in their industry. This means knowing all about the latest technology and keeping ahead of the competition. Has the time arrived where you end your friendship with your laptop computer and compete on a different stage with a tablet computer?

With the number of 0% credit cards available in the market, the small cost of a tablet computer can be spread over a year or more without any interest payments, so what is stopping you from making the new purchase? Did you just think tablets were a glorified toy? [Read more »]

Applying for a Merchant Account as a Small Business

A concept that new business owners need to understand is the difference between business bank accounts and merchant accounts. Business bank accounts are used as a means to dealing with the expenses of opening a business. Merchant accounts and merchant account providers deal only with processing credit and debit card transactions. Since few businesses these days are able to operate on a cash-only basis, even small business owners need a merchant account to accept credit or debit card payments from customers. [Read more »]

The Advantages of Using Google+

Hangouts are just one of the ways in which Google+ is trying to persuade social media users to move over to their network. The aim of these is to bring the thrill of bumping into friends when you are out and about, into the home so that is can happen more often. They allow users to bring up to nine friends into their world to socialise and chat with each other. [Read more »]

Trying to Figure Out How to Relocate to Another Country? Find the Right Courier Services and Other Assistance.

Lots of European businesses today are transferring their employees to other countries, both within Europe and to other continents such as Asia. With today’s global economy, it makes sense. Global relocation can help lower what it costs companies to operate and have a positive effect on revenue. Moving is often a pain for transferees, though. Luckily, using relocation resources like Realtors, relocation agencies, and companies that make courier services available can help make your move a whole lot better, if you’re a transferee. [Read more »]