How to Earn an 80 Paydex Score with DnB, Dun & Bradstreet.

The Paydex score system with Dun and Bradstreet goes from 0 to 100. Although your Paydex score is not as important as your DnB rating your business, it is a very important start to building your business credit.

To receive an 80 Paydex score your business much have at least three vendors that report to DnB that you have paid your bill on time. Although this seems very easy since most businesses have far more than three vendors they deal with. The tricky part is finding three of your vendors that will actually take the time to report to DnB.

It is not uncommon to find businesses in business for over five years and paying their vendors on time yet do not have a 80 Paydex score because their vendors do not report to DnB.

If you are looking to increase your business credit and already have good relationships with some of your vendors it does not hurt to call and ask them to look into reporting to DnB. Some smaller companies might not even realize they have that option.