Should You Switch to the iPhone 11?

When you talk about technology, there is no way that Apple can be left out of the mix. From laptops to smartphones, Apple has revolutionized the industry and made waves. We can recognize the iconic “pinched” screen to zoom in by “pinch out” that started the whole revolution. Now these simple gestures are part of every smart phone from Android to Apple, which are now the kings of smartphones, Apple is still left in a class on its own. By being the trendsetter in technology, Apple has managed to captivate all audiences from the young to the old in their intricate details to design, to their over the top performance that places so many technological advancements in one single device. The ease of use makes it a number one choice when it comes to ease of access.

September 20, 2019 Apple revealed the newly coveted iPhone 11 which with its deep thrusted designs, and advanced speed, it is set to take mainstream utilization of the smart phone take new heights. While we cannot get into every aspect of the device, we will provide an overview of the features that this new device packs a punch with. We will start with the obvious outer layer and go inward to speak on the high capacity processor that is to be the fastest on the market for a smart device.

The iPhone 11 comes in the iPhone Max and the iPhone Max Pro. What are the differences besides, the name, well lets dig a little deeper. The iPhone 11 comes with night mode which gives light to many once dark images taken in low light to seem as if they are being taken in near daylight. Not to mention the new cropping capability which allows the photos to be cropped with not only with what you see, but also to crop wider based on aspects of the image which you before could not see. All videos are taken in stunning 4K quality at 60 fps. Slow motion is no longer limited to the back camera, but now is part of the front camera as well.  The front camera is now 12 MP and the rear three lenses cameras are 12MP. This matching pixels on the front and back guarantee the optimal depth in pictures being taken.

The new bionic chip which is dubbed the A13 Bionic CPU, is slatted to be the fastest for graphics and performance.  This increased speed and performance are key features of this device which is set to make waves in the smartphone market. The ability to easily process information and run multiple programs without having to sacrifice performance are key features of this device which places it as a must have for the iPhone market. Stacked on top of processing power, the upgrade to the Wi-Fi Capabilities is an advance that needs to be noted. Not only being able to connect to the 5g network, but also connecting at 4x performance boosts in crowded areas along with 40% higher data speeds.

Is the iPhone 11 worth the upgrade or is it better to wait for the next model? That is something you have to decide.