Don’t Overlook the Multihousing Market

Among real estate investment opportunities, multifamily real estate is often underestimated. Why should someone looking to invest in real estate consider a multifamily real estate property?

Don’t forget that one-third of American households live in these types of rental units. There are more than 6 million of these properties across the country. The revenue generated by these properties makes up a large percentage of the nation’s economy.

Another favorable aspect of this market is the high demand for apartments. For the last ten years, the number of new units constructed has been only about half of the number needed to keep up with the demand.

Of course, even though the general outlook for multifamily real estate is positive, having experience and knowledge of specific local market conditions is vital. Making an investment and going through the process of getting everything set up can be labor-intensive and requires expertise in identifying good properties, getting financing, managing the units and more.