The Advantages of Using Google+

Hangouts are just one of the ways in which Google+ is trying to persuade social media users to move over to their network. The aim of these is to bring the thrill of bumping into friends when you are out and about, into the home so that is can happen more often. They allow users to bring up to nine friends into their world to socialise and chat with each other.

Another great feature is the search facility. This brings users updates from their circles, as well as providing the opportunity to check out news from all around the web. If you have been looking at another site, like and suddenly think of something that you would like to search for on the internet, then this search facility will provide you with all of the information that you could need.

Once you have searched for things, if you need something else to do, then you can have a go at playing one of the games that Google+ provides. With these great games, you can build new civilisations, play poker, humiliate a pig or simply practice your fast-clicking skills. This also allows communication between you and other people who are interested. For example, if you beat a friend’s high score, you can talk to them about it, which gives you another excuse to chat and socialise.

Google+ also features a messenger that enables you to coordinate with many friends at once. This can be done via a group chat that is simple and effective to use, bringing everyone to the same place even if they are physically separated. Google+ has a lot of other great features, including instant photo uploading so you can keep your friends up to date with your life.