How to Improve Small Business Owner’s Poor Credit

A small business owner can take steps to improve their bad credit. Improving a bad credit rating is important and something a business owner should be concerned with.

The first thing to do is to start getting your monthly expenses under control. You have to make your payments on time or your credit score will never improve.

If you are spending more than you can pay each month you either have to cut expenses quickly or make more money. Take a look at your monthly bills and find out which items are not truly needed. If you have the money to pay your bills do not pay a single one late.

The next step is to pull your personal credit report and purchase a credit monitoring service. This will allow you to actively watch your credit score and your credit activity. This shows you which accounts are having an affect on your credit score.

Once you know which accounts are having a positive and negative affect on your personal credit score you will be able to takes steps to continue to improve your score.

As you improve your personal credit, you will want to start working on your business credit profile. Move all of your business activity over to your business credit profile.