How to Write Thank You Notes to Your Business Clients

When a client receives a personal thank you note from you it can create an instant loyalty that will not be easily broken. A simple thank you note can be much more effective than other types of mailed advertising you might try. 

First, because people will almost always read a card they receive while a flyer or mailer might be thrown away before it is even opened. Second, when it is a personal note, you lay the foundation to having a personal relationship with your client.

There are a few things to remember when sending thank you notes.  Most importantly, it needs to be handwritten.  Yes, it is much easier to get a couple of hundred printed up ahead of time, but the personal connection is lost if it isn’t a real note from you.

When you compose the note, be personal and show gratitude, leave the sales pitch out of it.  Show your appreciation for the time they recently took out of their busy schedule to meet with you. As far as the note itself, use a high quality note card.  It should be a the proportions of a card rather then fitting in a regular business envelope.  You don’t want it to get mistaken for regular junk or business mail.

It might seem a little overwhelming at first to write a personal card to each of your clients.  But start out by simply writing a few each day.  Setting aside 15 or 20 minutes each day to write you personal thank you notes can pay off big for your business and establish solid customer loyalty.