Creating a Clear Reason to Choose You Instead of Your Competition

Right now you have potential clients trying to decide whether to use you or to choose your competition.  The problem is, that many of these potential customers do not know what makes you a better choice.  On the surface you and most others in your field look pretty much the same.

Unfortunately when this happens, generally the price is what makes the decision.

Here are a few things that can help be the tiebreakers.  Some make or may not work in your particular business model, but these can be helpful and give you other ideas that are better suited for your industry.

Be the best value.
This is not the same as being the lowest price.  You need to educate you customers on why your company is the clear choice even if you are not cheapest.  Explain the details of what you offer the small things you do for them.

Be Fast.  Give a quick response and be on time.
Have the reputation for returning calls quickly and getting the job done when you say it will be done.

Be the no hassle choice.
Many people will spend more money if they just don’t have to worry about the job.  Make is easy for your clients to do business with you. Keep your website up to date with helpful information to answer their questions before they call.  Give your employees the ability to make decisions when they are dealing with clients.

Be the option with the largest selection and customization.
Give your clients the options they want.  Offering customized options when you can.  They will feel they have the power and not forced to buy what you want to sell them.

Be helpful even if does not offer an immediate sale.
Look at the big picture to gain your clients trust.  For example, a computer repair shop offers free question and answer sessions in their shop.  Or an accountant offers a free seminar on the latest accounting software for businesses.  Help your customers succeed.

Be consistent.
Make sure you offer consistant service and support.  If you clients know that no matter who is in the office that day, they will be able to get great service, you will have a loyal customer.