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Save Money on Office Printing and Supplies

Small business owners and busy and money overlook the amount of money wasted when it comes to the office printers and printing supplies.  The printers, paper, and ink can be easily taken for granted and the expenses involved with them can be overlooked.   It is easy to save money with it comes to printers and printer supplies in an office. Read the rest here »

Recover From Computer Problems Quickly By Choosing the Right Help Desk Service

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Every business will experience major computer or network problems at some point. When this happens, the time taken by your IT company to respond to the call can make or break your business. How can you know in advance if you’ve partnered with the right company?

An IT company with a slow response help desk can keep a business out of normal operations for days. Database corruption for instance could cause loss of data and prevent execution of orders and deliveries if not taken care of promptly. Viruses or hacking could lead to software crashes and hardware failure, making a business invest in new IT infrastructure. Furthermore, website downtime could seriously affect search engine rankings.

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Beware of Hidden IT Services Fees

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If you have a contract with an IT company for computer support, it’s important to make sure you are getting the right features and pricing to avoid hidden fees and downtime. Be especially careful of per-hour charges. Houston IT company MCORE explains:

While in theory it might seem like a great way to save money, but if your IT company charges by the hour, you run the risk of not having any available technicians when you need them most. Moreover, less reputable companies can use this method of billing to bump up their rate at your expense. The environment created by charging based on hours spent fixing a problem is not conducive to fixing that problem quickly. And as a business owner, you want all sorts of issues resolved ASAP, and the idea of seeing a three hour job stretch to a three day job is the last thing you would ever want to happen.

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Stop the Insanity of Spending Capital on Hardware Refreshes!

EinsteinI am sure that most business professionals have heard the quote, “the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.” However, like me I am confident that if I asked you’d be surprised to learn that Albert Einstein was the one behind this insightful quote.

Find out why cloud computing makes spending money on hardware refreshes a business insanity! Read the rest here »

$40 Gift Card Offer from HP for Toner Cartridge Purchase

This is a great offer for small businesses since every office has a laser printer. HP is running a promotion for a $40 gift card with the purchase of three laser toner cartridges. This offer is good for cartridges purchased from April 1st through June 30, 2013.


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Is New Technology the End of Money as we Know it?

 Many are predicting the end of money as we know it in the near future. With the Eurozone counties working to restrict cash payments, Canada discontinuing the penny, and several online payment start-up companies popping up, are we going to become a cashless world soon?

Predictions about future technology and changes in society rarely come true. Remember our promise of flying cars by the year 2000?  Read the rest here »

Web Browsers and Security

Computer security is an important matter for any business. Slow and infected PCs lead to lost productivity, down time and even lost business.

In recent years antivirus software has proven to be increasingly ineffective in stopping new malware threats. This means that blocking the entry points for bad software is more critical. Web browsers are often the entry point for malware and viruses, so your choice of default web browser on your business PCs is important.

Unpatched security holes in your web browser can allow unscrupulous websites to install unwanted software just by visiting, without any sort of warning or clicking required.

The most important considerations in choosing a default web browser for your company include the browser’s built in security features and the speed at which security problems are fixed once discovered.
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Disk Space Fan 4 Released

Version 4 of the Windows file utility Disk Space Fan was released recently. Disk Space Fan 4 is software that analyzes your file system with all of it’s folders and files and displays them in a multi-color ‘ringchart’, making it easy to navigate and locate large files.

Visualizing your hard drive’s contents like this can be very helpful when searching through the thousands of folders in the average Windows file system. File details are shown when you hover your mouse over them. Disk Space Fan also integrates with Windows, so you can bring up its disk display from any folder.

The free version lets you browse your file system and scan for large files. The premium version adds the ability to delete files directly from the program, and also features a duplicate file search with a variety of file filters.

Disk Space Fan 4 is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Find out more at the Disk Space Fan website.

Get Browser Plug-Ins Under Control In Chrome

Animated ads, videos, music from nowhere can be irritating when they pop up unexpectedly, especially when you’re trying to get work done. If you have multiple tabs open, all of the running plug-ins from those pages can slow down your PC. Read the rest here »

Should Your Business Choose A Tablet Computer?

Most business people want to give the impression that they are up to date with everything in their industry. This means knowing all about the latest technology and keeping ahead of the competition. Has the time arrived where you end your friendship with your laptop computer and compete on a different stage with a tablet computer?

With the number of 0% credit cards available in the market, the small cost of a tablet computer can be spread over a year or more without any interest payments, so what is stopping you from making the new purchase? Did you just think tablets were a glorified toy? Read the rest here »