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Web Browsers and Security

Computer security is an important matter for any business. Slow and infected PCs lead to lost productivity, down time and even lost business.

In recent years antivirus software has proven to be increasingly ineffective in stopping new malware threats. This means that blocking the entry points for bad software is more critical. Web browsers are often the entry point for malware and viruses, so your choice of default web browser on your business PCs is important.

Unpatched security holes in your web browser can allow unscrupulous websites to install unwanted software just by visiting, without any sort of warning or clicking required.

The most important considerations in choosing a default web browser for your company include the browser’s built in security features and the speed at which security problems are fixed once discovered.
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Disk Space Fan 4 Released

Version 4 of the Windows file utility Disk Space Fan was released recently. Disk Space Fan 4 is software that analyzes your file system with all of it’s folders and files and displays them in a multi-color ‘ringchart’, making it easy to navigate and locate large files.

Visualizing your hard drive’s contents like this can be very helpful when searching through the thousands of folders in the average Windows file system. File details are shown when you hover your mouse over them. Disk Space Fan also integrates with Windows, so you can bring up its disk display from any folder.

The free version lets you browse your file system and scan for large files. The premium version adds the ability to delete files directly from the program, and also features a duplicate file search with a variety of file filters.

Disk Space Fan 4 is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Find out more at the Disk Space Fan website.

Get Browser Plug-Ins Under Control In Chrome

Animated ads, videos, music from nowhere can be irritating when they pop up unexpectedly, especially when you’re trying to get work done. If you have multiple tabs open, all of the running plug-ins from those pages can slow down your PC. Read the rest here »

Wireless Credit Card Processing

New wireless credit card processing devices and services are making it easier for mobile businesses to quickly accept payments. Mobile payment terminals are becoming more common, and the number of available devices and services available can make a decision difficult. Read the rest here »

Should Your Business Choose A Tablet Computer?

Most business people want to give the impression that they are up to date with everything in their industry. This means knowing all about the latest technology and keeping ahead of the competition. Has the time arrived where you end your friendship with your laptop computer and compete on a different stage with a tablet computer?

With the number of 0% credit cards available in the market, the small cost of a tablet computer can be spread over a year or more without any interest payments, so what is stopping you from making the new purchase? Did you just think tablets were a glorified toy? Read the rest here »

Applying for a Merchant Account as a Small Business

A concept that new business owners need to understand is the difference between business bank accounts and merchant accounts. Business bank accounts are used as a means to dealing with the expenses of opening a business. Merchant accounts and merchant account providers deal only with processing credit and debit card transactions. Since few businesses these days are able to operate on a cash-only basis, even small business owners need a merchant account to accept credit or debit card payments from customers. Read the rest here »

The Advantages of Using Google+

Hangouts are just one of the ways in which Google+ is trying to persuade social media users to move over to their network. The aim of these is to bring the thrill of bumping into friends when you are out and about, into the home so that is can happen more often. They allow users to bring up to nine friends into their world to socialise and chat with each other. Read the rest here »

Trying to Figure Out How to Relocate to Another Country? Find the Right Courier Services and Other Assistance.

Lots of European businesses today are transferring their employees to other countries, both within Europe and to other continents such as Asia. With today’s global economy, it makes sense. Global relocation can help lower what it costs companies to operate and have a positive effect on revenue. Moving is often a pain for transferees, though. Luckily, using relocation resources like Realtors, relocation agencies, and companies that make courier services available can help make your move a whole lot better, if you’re a transferee. Read the rest here »

How to Name Your Business

Deciding on a name for your business is an important step in getting your business started. You need to finalize on your business name in order to get paperwork filed, opening up a bank account, as well as creating your marketing materials. Read the rest here »

Tax Relief for Business Owners Affected By Natural Disasters

With hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and other natural disasters affecting so many individuals and businesses throughout the US this year, many have been left wondering how they’re going to pay for the cleanup or when their businesses will be able to reopen. Read the rest here »